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Blogging: Why and How for SPC 213

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So why do we blog? What is the purpose?

According to Sara Kjellberg, a blogging researcher, scholars blog to share, to have a place to be creative, and to feel connected.

According to NY Times, businesses blog to build their social media footprint, establish their brands, and position themselves in an area of expertise. Ny Times also said that blogging may even be the most effective social media tool for businesses to use!

But why should students blog? Start out by doing a little research yourself. Go ahead, google “why should college students blog?” You will find things such as:

  • Improving writing skills
  • Building confidence
  • Improving online visibility
  • Preparing for a career
  • Stress and creative release

So now that you know why, here are a few tips…

Image: masmettnn

Image: masmettnn

Blogs are not papers. Do not write in long paragraphs. People have short attention spans… how much have you skipped in this post already??

Use images. Again, short attention! We like pictures, they are fun, and help get the point across. They also make it seem like there isn’t so much writing.

Proofread. Then proofread again. Nohing is worse then bad gramer… seriously… You want to look professional.

Pick creative titles. Because “Blog 1” does not catch anyone’s attention.

Choose a topic that interests you. If it is not interesting to you, it will not be interesting to your reader. You have to write these blogs, so have fun with them. Find something that relates to your major, a piece of current news that captured your attention, or something that inspired you today!

Writing a blog, believe it or not, can become a hobby that helps you land a job. So with that, good luck, I look forward to reading your blogs!


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Im a mom, a wife, a student, instructor, and baker. I'm am working hard to make a good life for our family, and am ready to have a place to talk about everything going on.

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