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The Interview

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Credit: Terlayn Pilgram

Credit: Terlayn Pilgram

You know that dream job or internship that you always wanted?

Then when it came time to apply you knew you were shooting for the moon.

Well I applied… because you know what they say…

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

The stars and beautiful and all but I really wanted to land on the moon…

About a month ago I applied for the internship of a lifetime. It is everything I want in an internship, and a future job! It matches my skills, understanding, and most importantly, my passion. Now, I knew when I applied that I would be one of thousands to apply, but hey, if you never try, you never succeed.

Today I received the email that I was selected to be interviewed.

I called my husband and shouted “I landed the interview! I landed the interview!” I texted my mom, I posted on Facebook asking for positive vibes and thoughts. Oh man I was excited!

Now it is time to calm down and think about the interview.

The interview…

Thats scary…

How do you prepare for interviews? What are your best interviewing tips? What are your interview no-no’s?

I hope my blog after the interview is a good one…


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Im a mom, a wife, a student, instructor, and baker. I'm am working hard to make a good life for our family, and am ready to have a place to talk about everything going on.

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