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Tofu Strawberry Smoothies the Kids will Love

I’ve been missing from my blog for a while.

I graduated from my Masters program, started applying for doctorate programs, and forgot all about this little space that I have.

But I am back with a new recipe that both I and my kids are loving!! This Strawberry smoothie is packed with protein, thanks to the tofu, can be altered to be any berry or fruit smoothie that suits your family, and can be frozen to create a sorbet to snack on another day. Also, smoothies are nearly impossible to mess up, and don’t need exact measurements, meaning they can be made in a jiffy.

Here is what you need…

Ice (~1 cup)

Frozen Strawberries (~1.5 cup)

Silk Tofu (~1/4 of a block)

t. Vanilla extract

Optional Sugar

Milk (1 cup or more depending on how thick you want them)

*None of these measurements need to be followed precisely, take these more as a guideline.

Throw them all in the blender, and viola! Yummy healthy snack for the kids, and a punch of protein for those picky eaters!