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Feminism is a Dirty Word

I sat starring at my computer for about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to write this blog…

So to start, here is what inspired me to write this post

Take THAT feminists

While scrolling through my Facebook, a friend posted this picture with the comment “Take THAT feminists”

I was ANGRY!!

In my anger I went to google looking for the right image to post in my feed to show that feminism is more than “blaming men for everything.”

Then I closed Facebook and decided not to.

So why do people, not just men, hate the word feminist? The person who posted this does not hate me (a feminist). Actually, he is someone I am quite fond of. He is funny, creative, and intelligent. He does not hate feminists.

He does not know what feminist means.

So what does being a feminist mean??

Well to some, they think it means this…


To others it means that we blame men for every hard time we have.

To me… it means equality, opportunity, love for one another. It means not blaming victims. It means loving men. Loving women. Loving our children. Loving the ability to make whatever choices make us happy.

In my experience, those who believe that Feminism is a dirty word are also people who do not know why we need feminism.

Why do we need it?

We need it because women make 76.5 cents to a mans dollar (National Committee on Pay Equality). We need it because African American women make 64 cents to a mans dollar, and hispanic women make 55 cents to a mans dollar (National Women’s Law Center). We need it because women are told that “they asked for it [rape]” when they wore too short of skirts or drank too much alcohol. We need it because when women fight to be equal, they are told that they are ruining families, killing children, practicing witchcraft, and destroying nations.

Feminists do not just fight for women’s equality.

We fight for equality.

For you. For your children. For every group, race, gender, sex, and individual.

So is feminist a dirty word?

To me, its the word of empowerment and change.

Why do you need feminism?